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We work for make our clients happier, so that they dedicate more time to what they like

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Advisory for companies and self-employed


Advisory for self-employed


Advisory for companies


Companies’ Establishment


Financial outsourcing





asesor_US technological innovation

Cloud, What it is?

Our clients can supervise and even use our software, for integrall management of their business

The account is yours and you can monitor it whenever you want

You will have Access to your account 24h 365 days


Cloud, what advantages for our customers?

Better control and Access to your accounts 24h, 7 days/week and 365 days/year

Easier creation of the software

Avoid mistakes and simplify administrative task

Improve the financial outsourcing

asesor_US, community and coworking

Coworking_US ,
What it is?

Collaborate, share, compromise with the people, with the innovate company, with the person who comes for the first time to our city or our country, with everyone who create in their Project and take risks

How we do it?

Listening actively! with a completel advice, not only legal, also strategic, how to start, how to grow up, how to improve processes.
Our experience allows us

To whom we are offer our services?

To companies or entrepreneurs who want to do different things in a different way, those who want to innovate, improve, make their own personal company style

Why did you choose Asesor_Us?

We had to take the bills physically with our last advisory, and we couldn’t check that they were doing. Asesor_Us give us confidence, and technology to management our business.

Diego Alconchel, executive of Jaune sistemas, S.L.

human surge

We needed advisory for establish a company and start a new business. We got what we needed quickly and in English (for us was a bonus)

Loek Peeters, administrator of Humansurge, S.L.

During my arrival to Madrid, I found in asesor_US a close, complete, and with full knowledge of my needs advisory. Their availability was the key for chose asesor_US. Also, I value so much the professional networking that they boost

Pietro Boggia, executive of the multinational advisory Frost & Sullivan


I chose asesor_US because in this kind of advisory that you can imagine that they are going to take care of your fiscal and professional situation. They are not robots, they are persons who chase give a good service. Also, we needed to use Dropbox and Drive in an advanced level and not all the advisories do it

Carlos Goga, administrator of Onevox cloud, S.L.


Our business is innovative, and we needed an advisory which also implement innovation. That’s why we loved the accounting software and the online management of the paychecks. The management was easier because of this

Frank Wimberg, executive and partner of the partnership FOOD TRUCK SYSTEMS, S.L.


chose asesor_US by recommendation. I was so glad to choose them, because they explained to me all the pros and con to be self-employed and how to deal with it daily in a really easy way to understand for those who don’t know about this

Juliana Waelkens, executive of the multinational engoo, which dedicates to give solutions for learn English


We have professionals workers with wide experience, we use the last technology and we bet for the talent of our team than for the luxury of our offices

asesoria-autonomosProfessional self-employed

60€ / month

asesoria-empresas Labour partnership (without workers)

110€ / month

abogados Establish S.L

170€ fee

outsourcing-financiero Financial outsourcing

280€ / month

abogados Lawyers

From 220€ / process

Before hire an advisory for the first time, we recommend you

 Ask for references to the advisory’s clients

 Contact in person and in the concret location

 Demand the full name of the person who will advise you

 Electronic administration and without displacement

 Labour, fiscal and accounting. Full service, not only partial

 Monthly sending or at least quarterly of the documents

 Updated information

 Be informed of the news periodically


Contact us

asesor_US: Labour, fiscal and accounting

> PYMES, 250 € month

> Self-emploted, 60€ month

> Delegations of Multinationals, 200€ month

*Without workers and IVA is not included

With asesor_US you also can

> Establish company, for 170€*

> Sign up for self-employed and companies, for free!

> Be advised in English, for free!

*Notary and Registro Mercantil (Spanish commercial register) are not included

This post is also available in: Spanish Catalan

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